If you are new to the handyman world, you may be wondering where to start. The amount of tools available can be overwhelming, and to a newcomer’s eye, a lot of them look the same. While all handyman tools have a particular purpose, there are some that you’ll find to be more useful than others.

    1. Claw Hammer

      A simple tool with a flat head for pounding nails and a curved claw for removing them, the hammer is an essential tool for any handyman and one that will be used constantly. Just make sure that you don’t drop it on your foot.


    1. Power Drill

      When you aren’t putting nails in the wall, you are putting in screws. The power drill may seem intimidating, but it’s a simple device that can turn in either a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction. Put holes in the wall or secure a shelf with screws; this is a must-have tool in your collection.


    1. Ratchet Screwdriver

      Coming off of the power drill, the ratchet screwdriver is its non-electronic counterpart. It performs essentially the same function with removable magnetic bits, but with the added bonus of being smaller.  When the power drill is considered overkill, this is what you will be using.


    1. Pliers

      It is an understatement to be saying that you will use pliers a lot. Pliers are great for getting that secure grip you need on things too small for your hand. It will save you a lot of time and frustration, and you will be surprised at all the different things you use this for.


    1. Tape-Measure

      This fun little tool is a must-have for any project involving spatial awareness. Retractable, rigid, and lightweight, this tool makes measuring anything as simple as possible. It even has a metal hook for grabbing, so you won’t need someone to hold the other end.


    1. Adjustable Wrench

      For anything involving nuts and bolts, there is the adjustable wrench. This nifty tool can change the size of its jaw, allowing it to fit around and secure itself to a nut of any size. If you ever need to work on your plumbing, this is the tool for you.


    1. Handsaw

      While this may be the most dangerous tool on the list, it certainly isn’t the most complicated. The handsaw is essential for any woodcutting, making the process as easy as its push and pull motion. If you are looking into DIY projects, you may be surprised by how much you need this tool; for others, it’s a great thing to have on hand.


  1. Stud Finder

    This is one of the tools that you don’t realize how much you need until a job requires it. Simple tasks like hanging wall art or electronics can turn into a hassle without the stud finder. You will keep the integrity of your drywall and avoid unnecessary holes if you locate the sturdiest part of your walls first. Call us and schedule Fred if you need assistance with any of your projects!