Go Green with Schedule Fred

Going Green

Want to know how to get your home in shape so it saves energy and money? There is plenty of time before winter to make minor adjustments around the house and Schedule Fred has a plan to help you create a more energy efficient home. Follow these steps all at once or gradually, and your house will be updated before the first snowfall of the …

Fred’s Outdoor Oasis (cont’d): Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

Schedule Fred loves lighting so much that we made a post that is completely dedicated to this detail. Lighting has always had the power to adjust the mood of a scene by the level of intensity or hue. The right type of dim has the ability to make shadows and movements fluid. Whether you want a romantic or Zen feel in your backyard, the right …

Dodge High Energy Bills This Summer

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The temperature is steadily rising and often spikes, but your electricity bill doesn’t have to this season. The struggle between staying cool and being fiscally responsible with your energy bill can take its toll. Luckily, there are many tricks of the trade that your favorite handyman (Schedule Fred) is ready to share with you.

Don’t Let Cool Air Escape
For some reason, it …