The Do’s and Don’ts of Power Washing

Power Washing

A power washer is the ultimate tool for outdoor cleaning. It uses pressurized water to clean surfaces and objects, removing grime, paint, mold, dust, dirt or even algae. It’s a great tool, but it’s a tool that must be used properly. That’s why FRED is here to help with the Do’s and Don’ts of power washing.
Respect its Power
A power washer uses high-pressure to clean, …

More Safety Tips From Fred

Electrical Safety

Fred cares so we thought it would be best to provide a few more tips to care for your home year-round.
Fire Safety
One of the main causes of fires in the home is dryer vents becoming clogged because they are not being cleaned regularly. These vents should be checked every year at a minimum. In older homes, electrical outlets and light switches can easily …

Cure Cabin Fever with these Easy Home Upgrades

Being Stuck Indoors

During winter’s harshest months when you avoid venturing outside, don’t just sit on the couch – make the most of all of your time indoors. We guarantee you will feel accomplished if you check off a small home repair project from your To Do list. We’ve compiled a list of simple, effective home upgrades to inspire you. And if you don’t feel like doing them …