How to Prevent Water Damage

Steve Magill

Every day I visit people’s homes. I see over 200 homes a year. My visits typically consist of addressing various issues in my clients homes. The most damaging of those issues is water damage.
Water, if not directed or mitigated properly can be insidious. Insidious is a description one of my client’s used to describe the nature of the damage the water created. It took many different …

Window Inserts Affordably Add Comfort To Your Home

Dan Halpern

Window inserts are interior insulating window systems that take the benefits of an existing window and improve it without compromising the look of the opening.  The additional window creates a significant thermal break as well as 2-1/2 to 3 inches of meaningful dead air space that is much greater than the standard ¾” of dead air offered by new insulating glass panels.  Interior insulating windows can eliminate …

Advantages of PVC Trim

Brian Knip team member

Every home ever built has trim work on the exterior. Trim can be found around windows, doors, corners, chimneys, behind gutters, and where the roof meets the walls. The trim on most of these homes is a primed and painted wood material. Wood is porous and susceptible to water penetration, eventually causing it to rot. When replacing rotten trim boards, you have options. One of …