Spruce Up Your Home For Spring

Home Makeover

This time of year, we are often asked to come out and look at cleaning up the outside of a home. We look at several things: what is the exterior finish (Siding, brick, stucco, etc), how are the eaves constructed (open or closed), is the house exterior painted, stained, or capped with aluminum?

In most cases, power washing the exterior is the most efficient …

How To Remove Moss From Your Shingle Roof

Dan Halpern

In the northern hemisphere moss tends to grow on the north side of a tree and possibly any solid structure such as shown in this photo, a roof over a backyard Gazebo.  Not all of us have a Gazebo, but hopefully many of us have a roof. If you do and if there is moss growing on it, here are some ways to remove it.

Prepare Your Home For Fall

Chuck Khiel

Important items to remember with regard to fall home preparation:

Clean gutters and downspouts
Check/service furnace
Change HVAC filters
Switch out your storm door screen panel with glass panel
Check/inspect all screens (window/door/gable vent). Replace if torn.

As Fall approaches, it is a great time to evaluate the existing conditions of your home before Winter sets in. Visually inspect doors, windows, chimneys, flashing, …