Powder Room Perfection


Need some powder room ideas and inspiration? If so, FRED is here to help! Check out this beautiful bathroom update by our FRED team.

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FRED Tackles Universal Design: Discreet Details

Universal Design

Universal design benefits people of all ages, preventing injuries for both the young and old. The misconception that universal design is only for the elderly, turning your home into an all-around day care center, is fading, as more people realize its stylish opportunities and discreet capabilities. Modernize your home with universal design, and the only thing that visitors will notice is just how beautiful your …

Can New Tile be Placed Over Existing Tile?

Laying New Tile

I am thinking of replacing existing tile on my bathroom floor. So I would like to know if new tile can be placed over the existing tile? If so could the new tile be placed over the existing tile if it is not on a concrete floor?
Existing tiles should be removed before installing new tiles on the floor. It is possible to install new …