Can New Tile be Placed Over Existing Tile?

Laying New Tile

I am thinking of replacing existing tile on my bathroom floor. So I would like to know if new tile can be placed over the existing tile? If so could the new tile be placed over the existing tile if it is not on a concrete floor?
Existing tiles should be removed before installing new tiles on the floor. It is possible to install new …

Can I Repair a Crack in the Bathtub?

Bathtub Repair

I have a crack in the bottom of my fiberglas tub. Is bath tub crack repair possible, or do I need to replace the whole tub? 
Cracked fiberglass bath tubs can easily be repaired; however, it is important to first identify the cause of the crack. A crack resulting from a fall or other object can easily be fixed. If the cause of the crack …

Should I Use Nails or Screws to Hang Drywall?

Nails or Screws

Hanging drywall can be a big chore. Make it easier on yourself by using screws. Screws have much better holding power than nails and can be faster to install through the use of a drill. They can also be counter sunk making mudding easier for a finished look.