The health and safety of our clients and of our team is paramount. In order to minimize the risk of exposure or contamination, the following protocols are mandatory on all Fred job sites. These procedures apply to all Fred employees and any Alliance Partners that are visiting or working on a Fred project. 


  • A confined work area is to be created whenever possible. This area will be isolated by using temporary plastic, barrier walls. The plastic is to be taped on all sides, top and bottom A zippered dust door is to be installed for egress.
  • Air filters are to be taped over any air registers and or vents within the work area
  • Canvas runners are to be used to create a path through non-isolated areas of the home to allow for access to the work area.
  • All lead safe work and OSHA practices are to be followed. These include careful dust protection and the use of high efficiency particulate air vacuums (Advance Euroclean GD 930 HEPA vacuums) and use of the Build Clean air scrubbers.  


  • Coughs and sneezes are to be covered.
  • All Fred employees are to either use hand sanitizer/ disinfectant in front of the homeowner or to wear latex gloves when entering the home.
    • On larger projects, a hand washing area will be provided outside the home. Employees and Alliance partners are expected to wash their hands with soap and water before entering the home. (washing station to be connected to a hose or use a temporary kitchen set up)
    • Once floor and work area protections are in place, latex gloves are no longer required to be worn in the work area.  
  • Social distancing is to be practiced which requires maintaining at least 6 feet of distance between each worker.  If this is not practical, appropriate personal protective equipment – gloves, masks, etc. should be worn. This equipment should be disinfected regularly.
  • A Tyvek suit will be provided to each Craftsman for use as needed.
  • Shoe coverings (booties) are to be worn when entering the home and to remain on while working inside the home unless floor protection is in place or the work area is isolated from the living area by a sealed plastic partition.


  • All Fred field employees have been provided with additional sick leave. Stay home if you are sick.  
  • Strict quarantine protocols will be followed: anyone that has had even incidental risk of exposure or has traveled by air- either domestically or internationally, will be quarantined for a period of 14 days.


  • Any frequently used tools, equipment, or frequently touched surfaces (door handles, handrails, machinery controls, cell phones, tablets) are to be cleaned and disinfected regularly during the work day. 
  • A thorough cleaning of the surfaces outlined above is to be done before leaving the worksite each day.   
    • Dispose of cleaning rags after each use.  
  • There is to be no eating on the job site. Lunch, snacks, etc. should be consumed outside away from the work or in your truck. 
  • Vacuum filters are to be change or cleaned weekly. New or clean filters are to be installed for each new job.
  • If multiple team members are sharing the same tools they are to be wiped down with disinfectant spray daily and between users.


  • The size of any groups should be kept to a minimum – no more than 10 people.
    • Trade walkthroughs should be performed virtually as much as possible. The Project Manager is to be in the home (following these measures/booties/etc.) and will connect virtually with our team and with alliances as needed.  
    • Pre-Construction meetings and Mid-Job Huddles are also to be conducted virtually. The Project Manager and the Lead Craftsperson will be in the home (following these measures/booties/etc.) and will connect virtually with our team and alliances as needed.
  • Portable toilet facilities will be provided on all jobs where feasible. The units are to be locked at the end of each day to ensure they aren’t being used by the public or vandalized.
  • These required Protective Measures are to be posted on every job site. 
  • Monthly field team meetings and safety talks will be conducted virtually. 
  • These Protective Measures will be shared with all alliances – to be permitted on a Fred project, they will have to agree to and sign off on these Protective Measures. This includes ensuring their employees do not have a temperature of over 100 degrees before they are allowed on Fred jobs. 


These are not ideas or concepts, they are policy. Any deviation has consequences that include termination of employment. Again- the health and safety of our clients and of our team is paramount. Thank you for your trust.