Spruce Up Your Home For Spring

Home Makeover

This time of year, we are often asked to come out and look at cleaning up the outside of a home. We look at several things: what is the exterior finish (Siding, brick, stucco, etc), how are the eaves constructed (open or closed), is the house exterior painted, stained, or capped with aluminum?

In most cases, power washing the exterior is the most efficient …

Tesla Teams With Solar City to Produce Energy Collecting Roof Tiles

If you haven’t heard by now Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla Motors, has merged with Solar City and is developing an integrated solar glass shingle, the Tesla solar tile which will be the roof of the future. Musk recently announced the highly anticipated Tesla roofing product to be launched in October of this year.
Photovoltaics (PV) is the field of semiconductor technology involving the …

Universal Design – Preparing Your Home For The Future


When going through the design process or preparing to undertake a remodel at home, many homeowners are focused on the “now”. These are the things that they want included in the design that would make life easier for them as it relates to their lives right now. What many homeowners don’t think about is the future. One simple question to ask yourself is “how long …